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Etiquettes To Observe While Traveling


You have been working so hard and saving for your long-awaited holiday, and now it is here.

My friend in his office which you can visit here was telling me that it very exciting trying out a new destination to go to but things can go south if you don’t observe some simple manners.

Here are a few things that you should look at,

Don’t shove

If you are traveling, then you will find yourself in some queue, whether it is at the train station, bus station or airport.

Don’t behave as if you need to be attended to faster than the person who you found in front of you. Peacefully follow the queue.

Seat Reclining

Most of us are usually ready to make ourselves as comfortable as possible once we get to our seats. Whether you are on a plane or a bus reclining your place is one habit that we are very fond of, but even if we want to do, we should be mindful of other people. You might make it comfortable for you but very uncomfortable for someone else.

Talking loudly

Imagine being on a bus ride and the person sitting next to you is on the phone. Using the phone is not an issue, but if this person is using a high tone that disturbs everyone, then it wouldn’t be helpful.  

Sometimes people even speak in loud sounds and yet the topics of their conversation are very intimate. Be mindful of others just let the person know that you will communicate once you reach your destination. Some people want to relax and gather their thoughts or enjoy the scenery so be kind.

Foul body odor

As humans our body removes waste through sweating, this can cause a bad smell if the person is not sterile.

You have to be near people for a couple of hours, and this can be very uncomfortable the other passengers. Ensure that you brush your teeth and use mouthwash, shower and use deodorant.


It can be so annoying especially if you are not sharing with your neighbors. Snacking is allowed, but the type of snack needs to be thoughtful as well. Eating foods that make loud noises when being chewed is inconsiderate.

Noisy Music

When you get to the hotel room be mindful of others, yes we know you are the one paying for the room, but there are other people in that hotel too.

Loud music and chaos can affect other patrons as well.

It is selfish to make a loud phone call at night when your fellow neighbors are sleeping. You should also avoid banging doors of your room when you are entering and leaving.

Next time you are traveling try to be as pleasant as possible because you would want them to do that for you as well. Enjoy your travel.